120um SS316L MultiLayer Valve Filter Element Longer Service Used In Aerospace

120um SS316L MultiLayer Valve Filter Element Longer Service Used In Aerospace
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Condition: New
Dimension(l*w*h): Customized Size
Construction: Element Filter
Porosity: Customized
Certification: ISO9001
Filtration Grade: Medium Filter
Color: Silver Color
Material: Stainless Steel 316L,Metal,Sintered Mesh
Usage: Dust Removal,Vacuum Cleaner Parts
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120um Valve Filter


Valve Filter In Aerospace


Filter Element In Aerospace

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China xinxiang
Brand Name: Lier filter
Certification: CE GB
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 15~30 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram
Supply Ability: 1000
Product Description

120um SS316L Welded By Vacuum Electron Beam Multi-Layer Valve Filter Element Longer Service Used In Aerospace

Introduction of Sintered Multi-layer Valve Filter Element


Sintered multi-layer valve filter element is welded by vacuum electron beam,used for filtration of hydraulic oil and gas in hydraulic and air control system.The features of it are high precision,good rigidity,lower resistance,large flow capacity.And also it has advantages of cleanness,easy use,stable filtering aperture and longer service,it is alternative for sintered bronze powder filter element(the first generation valve filter),and metal mesh filter supported by framework(the second generation valve filter)and even imported wire wound filter element ,to make the serve system more stable and morereliable.It is widely used in many fields such as aerospace,aviation, hydraulic machine,precision tool and automatic control.


Product Features

1. Large welding penetration, small error and high weld strength;


2. Narrow weld, generally only 1-1.5mm, very suitable for small size filter element filter plate manufacturing (solve the original impossible problem);


3. Small deformation, high qualified rate, stable quality;


4. Because the welding does not oxidize, the weld is fine, the element is beautiful;


5. Can replace imported and used for military products.


Technical Parameters

Working pressure Less than or equal to 32MPa
Rated flow 10~100L/min
Filtration accuracy 3um (can be customized)
Operating temperature -30℃ ~ 90℃
Working medium hydraulic oil, aviation hydraulic oil and other media


Sintered Filter Element Product Parameters


type nominal precision(um) absolute accuracy(um)

air permeability

(L/min ·cm2·pa)

bubble point pressure(pa)
AI1   6-7   5300-6000
AI2 2 8-9 (1-6)×10-4 4300-5000
AI5   11-13 (6-10)×10-4 3000-3700
AI10 10 16-18 (6-10)×10-4 2700-3300
AI15 15 24-26 (1-6)×10-3 2000-2600
AI20 20 28-32 (1-6)×10-3 1800-2300
AI25 25 34-36 (6-10)×10-3 1400-1900
AI30 30 40-45 (6-10)×10-3 1200-1700
AI40 40 50-55 (1-6)×10-2 1000-1500
AI50 50 71-80 (1-6)×10-2 900-1200
AI70 70 80-95 (6-10)×10-2 700-1100
AI100 100 110-120 ≥5×10-2 650-1000

Product Advantages

1.High filtration accuracy, stable aperture, small pressure loss, aperture does not change with pressure. It can effectively remove suspended matter and particles, with good filtration precision and purification effect.


2.High porosity, uniform and smooth pores, small initial resistance, easy backwash, strong regeneration ability, long service life, especially suitable for fluid distribution, homogenization treatment and other occasions requiring high uniformity.


3. High mechanical strength, good rigidity, good plasticity, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, do not need additional skeleton support protection, easy installation and use, easy maintenance, good assembly, can be used for welding, bonding, processing.


Scope of Use

1.Petrochemical industry of high temperature gas filtration;


2.Steam removal of impurities filtration, material decarbon filtration and fine filtration ultrafine crystal catalyst filtration washing recovery;


3.Oil field water fine filtration;


4.Metallurgy industry of high temperature flue gas purification;


5.Solid boiling bed exhaust dust recovery;


6.Thermal power generation, nuclear power generation industry dust and tail gas purification;


7.The precision filtration of liquid products,liquid raw materials,pharmaceutical intermediates in the chemical industry.


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The Reason for Choosing Us


1.Team Strength

Production technical team from state-owned military enterprises, product design and quality are excellent guaranteed through strict checks.


2.Scientific Research Force

Our company have 8 scientific research patents, 6 pieces sintering equipment imported from Germany.We have carried out scientific research cooperation and establish laboratories with a number of local higher institutions.At the same time,we are constantly exploring deeper fields.


3.Intimate Service

From pre-sale to after-sale,you will have a one-to-one dedicated service staff,they can solve your problems at any time.


4.Credit Guarantee

To complete your trust to us: time, quality and quantity are guaranteed;whole-process logistics monitoring;after-sale worry free.


Our Certificate

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120um SS316L MultiLayer Valve Filter Element Longer Service Used In Aerospace 6



Q:What parameters need to provide for the design of the filter element?

A: Length, width, height, material, diameter, precision, connection method, etc. If there are other necessary parameters, please explain together.


Q:Classification of sintered cartridge

A:First, according to the material, there are metal sintered cartridge and non-metal sintered cartridge. Metal sintered cartridge is mainly stainless steel series as the main material.There are also titanium rod sintered cartridges and monel sintered cartridges made of special metals. Non-metallic sintered cartridge has activated carbon as the material,

carbon sintered cartridge; powder sintered cartridge and copper powder sintered cartridge made of metal powder; pe sintered cartridge made of polymer.

Second, according to the function, there are surface filtration sintered cartridge and depth filtration sintered cartridge. Like sintered mesh cartridge is surface filtration sintered cartridge. The general surface filtration type is the sintered cartridge with sintered mesh as the material, because the sintered mesh is the surface filtration. And like powder sintered, the sintered cartridge with fibers, particles and granules as materials such as sintered felt are depth filtration sintered cartridges. For example, copper powder sintered cartridge, activated carbon sintered cartridge, sintered felt cartridge, etc.

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