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Xinxiang Lier Filter Technology Co., LTD

    Professional from the focus, quality comes from power. In nearly 20 years, the company has independently the sintered stainless steel net, stainless steel fiber sintered felt, iron chromium aluminum fiber sintered felt the development and production, is the domestic can from sintering filter material production to all kinds of filter processing molding (core), as well as a variety of filtration system design and manufacture of professional manufacturers. Through many years of accumulation and innovation, the company's products have been in metallurgy, petrochemical, water treatment, pharmaceutical, fine chemical, chemical fiber, widely used in electrical, mechanical and other industries. Company with all the relevant industry well-known enterprises have close cooperation, products exported to South Africa's heng tender, aurangabad and new Delhi, India, South Korea's Seoul, jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the United States in Memphis. Companies with & other; Provide customers with first-class products, metal sintering filter material experts & throughout; As the goal, insist on & other; The good faith management, the I, & throughout; The management idea, is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life hand in hand to cooperate, create beautiful future.

Company main product series:

  1. Sintered multi-layer stainless steel mesh
  2. Sintered metal  fiber felt
  3. Sintered metal powder filter
  4. All kinds of industrial filter
  5. Filter sets of equipment
  6. Air filter
  7. Metal wire thread insert


    Products are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, industrial dust removal, etc.

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Xinxiang Lier Filter Technology Co., LTD

Xinxiang Lier Filter Technology Co., LTD
Xinxiang Lier Filter Technology Co., LTD
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Profession comes from focus, quality comes from strength. In the past two decades, Xinxiang Lier Filtration Technology Co., Ltd. has independently completed the development and mass production of stainless steel sintered mesh, stainless steel fiber sintered felt and iron-chromium-aluminum fiber sintered felt. A professional manufacturer for the processing and molding of various filters (cores), as well as the design and manufacture of various filtration systems. Through years of accumulation and continuous innovation, the company's products have been widely used in metallurgy, refining, fine chemical, chemical fiber, water treatment, pharmaceutical, electrical, machinery and other industries. The company has close cooperation with well-known enterprises in various related industries, and its products are exported to Hennenman in South Africa, Aurangabad and New Delhi in India, Seoul in South Korea, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Memphis in the United States and other places. The company aims to "provide customers with first-class products and become an expert in metal sintered filter materials", adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity management, benefit me and benefit", and is willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life to create a better future.


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Xinxiang Lier Filter Technology Co., LTD

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Xinxiang Lier Filter Technology Co., LTD

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